May 14, 2004

Who Are the Illuminati?

"Who are the illuminati ? " was posted by by Matt Marriott to the CNN Kosovo Board 1999, minutes. before the bombing of Serbia started,  the carpet bombing in Europe started again, after a pause of almost 54 years..

What Last Prophet Matt only discovered later
Some lines were only assimed and were proven to be not correct.
Exaaples of the facts later exposed first by  Last Prophet that imply corrections to the original text:
- Global Genocide and Global Slacery are illuminati goals from the very beginning and not only since 1986.
- the illuminati leadership is not a group but only ONE person, the Grand Master.

Notes about the orginal text as it's now:
- stripped from incorrect aassumptions, which were all details (such as exact dates, numbers)
- added or modified text  highlighted in red.
- as for the ultimate reason for the "open borders" tactic, referred to as " mass immigration of muslims to the West","it was given in 2005 here:

March 24. 1999: Who are the illuminati ? 
The antichrist (total evil) :

The same people that control the banks, insurance companies, big factories, big real estate.
The same people that control all the mass media in the NATO countries.
The same people that control the major christian churches, including the Vatican, since John XXIII (1).
The same people that are organised as a secret society in a pyramid of secrecy grades. A secret society from which there's no escape.
The same people that believe that their god (satan) created a few enlighened (they, the illuminati) and a mass of slaves, whose only purpose is to serve them until the day they decide they should be slaughtered.
The same people who saw in the fact that they were able to control almost all governments and slaighter dozens of millions, not only in real but also in fake wars, the cs the ultimate proof of their religion, the triumph of evil : the proof that evil was capable of destroying creation; in particular the proof that a few illuminati could destroy billions of sheeple.

The very same people that already before had seen the confirmation of their religion in the fact that they could use such simple means to control the sheeple so perfectly :
- total control of the mass media and schools;
- let the media, schools and major christian churches make people believe that there is no God (evolution theory, the most grotesque and sucessfull lie ever found);
- let the media, schools and "christian" leaders make people believe that "GOOD is BAD and BAD is GOOD". This tactic relies on two priorities : obscuring and inverting the line. Examples : it's not possible to trace a line between BAD and GOOD, everything is gray (2a); belief in God leads to a violent world (2b); creation can be improved (genetic engineering); human life is irrelevant (abortion); family is an obstacle to "individual freedom"; sense of life is to become God ("conquest of the universe" : moon landing hoax in 1969; "explanation of life" (new "discoveries" to "update" evolution theory) and "explanation of the universe" (Big Bang, UFO hoax, etc) (3).
- let the media and schools make people believe that they have the right of choice (2c),(7).

The illuminati leader recently started the fnal move to carry on Global Genocide and achieve Global Slavery because he realized that the system could only survive at most a few more years (end of non-renewable resources, demographics, ethnic distribution).

Since the tactic didn't include the survival of western societies in the middle run, these were some other tactics used :
- increase to maximum intensity the brainwash agenda of the masses in the West, so that these could be reduced to zombies (total sheeple), incapble of reacting even at the sight of the doors of the slaugherhouse.
Examples of how the brainwash agenda "GOOD is BAD and BAD is GOOD" was pushed to the utter limits (4) (7) : homosexual political leaders; gay adoption; pedophile "priests"; child pornography; sex slavery trade; legalised genocide of elder in hospitals and homes for elderly as "euthanasia"; generalised drugs addiction : pills, chemical food, marihuana, ecstasy, cocain, heroine, etc (5); genocide of believers.

- mass immigration of muslims to the West. One of the reasons was to use them as a weapon of terror against the natives, as some of these would start reacting, finally realising they were being transported to the slaughter house. Muslim leaders would keep these masses quiet, with the real prospect that in "a few years we will be the majority and will take the power". (6)

- maximum consumption of the last non-renewable resources during that period, to be able to keep productive system going on "normally" until the final showdown.

Notes :
1 - Vatican not included in the original message, because this would lead to immediate deletion of the message

2 - Mind control techniques of acceptance by association and refusal by dissociation intensively used.
a) - Example : I perceive Bush as evil. Bush says : there is GOOD and there is BAD. This will lead me to refuse that assertion (dissociation). Conclusions : I reject what Bush says; I'm convinced that everything is gray.
b) - Example : Bush presents himself and is presented by the media as a "christian fundamentalist"; Bush bombs the opposition to oblivion. Conclusions : belief in God leads to extremism; belief in God is incompatible with a peaceful world (dissociation).
c) - Example : media is telling me 24 hours a day that Kerry is the alternative to Bush and vice-versa.
If the starting point is my aversion to Bush (say, because of the Iraq war), even if I was originally a critic of "homosexual marriage", I will start accepting it, since it's part of Kerry's agenda (association) (7).

3 - the best examples to illustrate how grotesque this path is now, is (besides the NASA's Photoshop creations - Mars Rovers, spaceships landing on asteroids or crashing in Jupiter - the Rahelian cloning hoax, that the "serious" media has been regularly bringing into headlines ...

4 - list extended with current examples.

5 - muslims massively used to secure production and supply routes (Balkans - Kosovo; Afghanistan 2.5 years later).

6 - this is the reason why there were no muslim terror attacks in the West.
Only total brainwash and the basic "BIG LIE technique" mechanisms ("the truth is too horrible to dig in") can prevent people from seeing that 9/11 was a Reichstag operation executed by the illuminati.
The Madrid bombings, March 11, 2004 is not as obvious, but it was also planned as a Reichstag type operation.

7 - The illuminati script for Goebbels was designed to lead sheeple into accepting to be cannon fodder.
Not different from their script before World War I ("breakfast in Paris").
The illuminait propaganda today is designed very differently, since inflamatory military speeches don't fit the current brainwash agenda (generalised drugs addiction, etc, see above) and the current military situation (World War III is not about Verdun or Iwojima, it's about bombing to oblivion civilians,).
That's why the one of the main roles of thousands of journalists in the illuminati payroll is to make people believe that "Kerry is the alternative to Bush and vice-versa".
This time the goal is to keep the sheeple quiet untilt they are slaughtered, not to actively use them as cannon fodder.

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