May 14, 2004

Last non illuminati heads of government in US and EU former countries

The last US president that was a challenge to the illuminati until the end was JFK.

As the illuminati murdered JFK there were two other heads of government that were a challenge for the illuminati, in the former countries that now became EU provinces:
- Charles De Gaulle (France) (1),
- Oliveira Salazar (Portugal)
while Francisco Franco (Spain) and Marcello Caetano, the succesor of Oliveira Salazar, were not a challenge but also not illuminati agents.

After 1975 EVERY government that ruled the US or the EU former countries were illuminati agents, except Reagan (2).

(1) From forum's article referenced by "May 1968, France - why did the illuminati do it? Location in end times timeline?", started 2005 before the EU referendum in France, which was one of the last pieces required at that point to complete the script:
"The conspirators did a planning error: EU Referendum in France: why the conspirators miscalculated"

Yes it took more than 30 years to reach the point where paper ballot elections were no more good enough to fulfill any script, in 2004.

(2) Ronald Reagan was not an illuminati, but after the failed illuminati attempt to murder him, he was no more a challenge for the illuminati, although he always refused to assume the role of just following their orders.

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