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Jul 22, 2014

Shiia used as IV Reich shock troops::why

Only thanks to the Shiia militias (Hezbollah, Iran's guard) were the illuminati puppets in Syria and Iraq able to continue to air bomb civilians for years now. 
Why did the illuminati select Shiia as IV Reich shock troops? For the same basic reason why the illuminati created Mormons, Jehovah Withnesses, Scientology.

2003: illuminati FULLY launch GENOCIDE of SUNNI agenda - WHY revealed here first 
The bigger the lie the more people will believe it, the ultimate reason to explain to what lengths illuminati staged the "Iran vs USA" hoax after 2003.
Two main resons why the illuminazi SECT, alias ORDO ILLUMINATUS, started the agenda "genocide of sunnis" in Iraq, 2003, a decade after the preamble, the Gulf War, 1991.

1. 2003: Who controlled what:
- Iran, the only country with shia absolute majority, ruled by illuminazi puppets.
- countries with sunni absolute majority (Syria, with 58% sunnis and 12% shia) or sunni relative majority (Lebanon, with 27% sunnis and 25% shia, controlled by illuminati shock troops of Hezbollah): ALL but ONE ruled by illuminati puppets playing the shia role.
The one and only exception: Saddam Hussein's Iraq, in 2003 with a sunni relative majority. 
A decade later, after the genocide of millions of sunnis by NATO and the government it installed, the majority situation is unclear.

2. The BASIC difference between shia and sunni Islam
Shiia islam was established much more strictly as a sect than sunni islam.
No wonder that shiia is also much more sectarian than sunni islam.
In other words: shiia is closer to the organizations created or simply used by the illuminati. 
See details in "the BIG sect" below.

Mosul, Iraq: Milestone for "news" deception in end times: 
Feb 2016: the second largest city in Iraq is served for now almost two years as controlled by the "ISIS caliphate" while in reality it's controlled by the iraqi patriots.
Same as what happened in Tikrit and Ramadi, announced as liberated by the Iraqi army after totally reduced to the rubble of a ghost city by US air force and iranian militias. 


Iranian and Hezbollah mercenaries died for the IV Reich
Syria: Aleppo Khan Tuman liberated and missing Boeing 777 - BIG BANG postponed again

How illuminati use sects:
Protestantism, Mormons, Evolution, Jehovah witnesses, Scientology: orgs created by the illuminati 

Sean Connery as Ayatollah Khomeini islamic state series launched in Iran 1979

GW Bush Jr was the US president in 2003, when  sunnis and the last christians still speaking aramaic, the language of Jesus, became the first targets of a genocide across an entire country, Iraq. 
Official and real last antichrist: [their / his] human face(s): Napoleon, Hitler, BushClinton; Grand Master of the Ordo Illuminatus.

The Saudi peninsula is not ruled over by Sunnis but by the same illuminazi who use Shiia as IV Reich shock troops.
Start at Jan 2015: Agendas behind the timing for "King Abdullah dead"

February 26, 2015 - Simulated Reality terminated with its mockery: 
Days before assault on Tikrit by Iran military elite under US command
Fake U.S Aircraft Carrier and fake Mosul museum destroyed the same day.

2015: Yemen staged coup: TRUTH is the OPPOSITE of what illuminati media tells you
Illuminati use "houthi militias", supposedly representing the 15% shia minority, to try to crush the Arab Spring and keep control of Yemen. All this packaged as "coup".
"Deposed president Hadi" plays a suicide bomber role, paving the way for the "Houthis" coup: 

Mar 16, 2014

Ukraine History, Break-up of Russia for dummies - 100% a creation of german illuminazis

Ukraine History, Break-up of Russia for dummies - 100% a creation of german illuminazis: LENIN 1922, Khrushchev 1954, fake Putin 2014
All three milestones related to the russian-ukrainian borders were created by illuminati agents acting as Presidents at the Kremlin, including one who was in fact german.
Always the same goal: break-up Russia, paving the way for its official integration in the illuminazi Reich.
End Times Paradox: the third milestone, which in the timeline appears just before the final act, is packaged as "Russia annexes Crimea, which is part of Ukraine".

1922 - Birth of Ukraine: A german illuminati agent using the fake identity "Vladimir Lenin" breaks up part of the Russian Empire. The most important act: the creation of the "Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic", the most productive russian soil.

1954 - shortly after Stalin's death, illuminati regain control of the Kremlin. Crimea, the crown jewel, is transferred to Ukraine. There is more to this act than to just continue the break-up of Russia.
Why was this one of the first acts that agent Khrushchev was ordered to execute by the Illuminati Grand Master, Adolf Hitler?
Because of the illuminati religion's commandment of revenge, also one of the reasons why:
- Hitler's last airforce commander Ritter von Greim started playing 33th US president Truman days before the surrender of the nazis to the Red Army 1945.
- Serbia, where Hitler faced the fiercest resistence, was in 1999 the first country to be bombed in Europe after 1945.
Reminder: Crimea and Sevastopol in particular stand for fiercest resistence against illuminati attempts to take control of Russia.

2014 - "Crimea returns to Russia" as an illuminati agent plays the role of President of Russia, the impostor impersonating Putin since the 2010 coup.
This theater was planned:
- as diversion from the delivery of Ukraine, including dozens of millions of ethnic russians, to the first openly nazi regime installed by the illuminati not only in Europe but also in the world, after the fall of the nazi army. 
- shortly before fake Putin fully detonates as suicide bomber, same as "Obama" in the US, to finally totally break-up Russia.

1922: how illuminati's wikipedia diverts from the coup "creation of Ukraine":

Siege of Sevastopol 1854–55 by illuminati controlled army (French, Ottoman, and British), Crimean War.
Siege of Sevastopol 1941–42 by the illuminazis, World War II.

History of Ukraine, part 4

See Novorussia/Ukraine here:
Why Stalin HAD to celebrate Lenin: contrast it with Castro / Che Guevara

Russia prevented several times the illuminati from achieving the One World Government, alias Global Slavery.
No wonder that the break-up of Russia was at the top of the illuminati agenda.
It wasn't until 1867 that the illuminati invented the decisive weapon to finally successfully start implementing the goal.
"Coincidentally"´the very same weapon to finally achieve the goal behind the creation of the Ordo Teutonicus in 1198: to take control of the Vatican.

German illuminati, using fake identities AND/OR fake ethnicity, in KEY roles at the four KEY dates of Illuminati End Times: 1918, 1945, 2004, NOW

Compare the real murdered Putin with the current impostor:

Obama Biden alias Osama Bi(nla)den presidency comes to an end on the third day following the May 4, 2014 resurrection on the third year - see update June 2014: why it was postponed

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May 15, 2013

Puppet governments 2015: Russia; USA; EU; Iran; Ukraine; North Korea - Typology

Original text unchanged, added updates signaled.

Every illuminati puppet gov, no matter in which clothes it's dressed by illuminati media, plays the same basic three roles:
1 - use schools and media to brainwash the populace, in particular to fulfill the "Black is White" commandment of the illuminati religion.
2 - transfer national assets to illuminati safes, in particular to fulfill the "Global Slavery" commandment of the illuminati religion.
3 - advance the terror state agenda. This ALWAYS includes the "destruction of Christianity" agenda, that ends with the "Genocide of christians" agenda.

Until the proclamation of an openly nazi regime, illuminati dress their puppet governments in other clothes.
1. Democratic, with government elected by universal and verifiable vote (paper ballots, results for each ballot box and not only for aggregates). Examples:
a) - Russia last time at the 2012 election, as  Putin had been already murdered and replaced with an impostor. Reason: illuminati didn't need to rig the election, impostor was perceived as the real Putin.
Note: same with: USA, last time at the 1984 election, long before the introduction of e-vote; UK before it formally started to obey the EU gov, 1999.

2. Democratic, although the government is not "elected" by universal and/or verifiable vote.
a)- the USA now. Terminating verifiability includes e-vote since 2004 and "voting" extended to several days in 2012;
b) - the EU since 1999, with a gov (European Council and European Commission) not elected by universal not to mention verifiable vote.

3. Democratic clothes (only for external consumption) of an openly terror regime.
a) islamists. Despite having proclaimed sharia law, illuminati media sells that there are elections. Examples now:
- from Pakistan to Iran, from Algeria to Tunisia, from Turkey to Assad in Syria.
- Afghanistan after 2001 and Iraq after2004, or in other words after the NATO occupation.
b) openly nazi: currently none. [UPDATE]: the Ukraine since March 2014. This is the first time ever that an openly nazi regime stages "elections", albeit only for external consumption or in other words to be presented by illuminati media as democratic.

4. Openly dictatorial (one party only)
a) - communists: Cuba from the beginning; China, North Korea and Vietnam now.
Note: same with Lenin, a german illuminati agent, But that was not the case of Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh.
b) Saudi Arabia.
Note: same with: Taliban's Afghanistan until 2001; Morsi's Egypt after he changed the constitution.
c) - nazis: currently none.

Cuba missile crisis 1962 almost TOTALLY staged: 5 out of 6 KEY players were ACTORS

Illuminati fake wars: US vs Taliban October 2001, Afghanistan
World Heritage sites: Destruction psy-ops: Afghanistan, Mali

Hail the Iranians 2009, the 2011 Arab Spring of Tunisians, Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians, Yemenis, and the Turks 2013, who reacted before the empty shelves stage, coming NOW to Human Beasts' supermarkets

Transnistria, only really independent state in Europe, is not in political maps

[UPDATES] [after May 2013]
Egypt, July 2013: 30 million protesters in the streets force the illuminati to replace Morsi with Sisi. Sharia terror interrupted because puppet Sisi has to temporarily play"moderate muslim",
Sisi was appointed by nazi agent Morsi, "Sisi jails Morsi" is theater.
2014, Ukraine after the Maidan "revolution":
- first openly nazi regime since the surrender of Hitler's army.
- first time that an openly nazi regime stages democracy, even if only for external consumption.
"Election" was still held, but "news" no longer hid that any real opposition candidate was previously arrrested or murdered.
No wonder, the puppets (Poroshenko, Yatsenyuk & Co) are ordered to use nothing but openly nazi tactics:
- nazi symbology; almost half of its citizens labeled sub-humans because of ethnicity;
- mass arrests, concentration camps;
- millions of civilians bombed for simply living in a particular area.
How is it possible that Illuminati media refers to Ukraine as a democracy? Because:
- truth videos are censored;
- human cattle accepted the Mark of the Beast and will swallow anything without blinking an eye.

2014: Mockery pushed to new limits: illuminati media reports "Assad wins elections" after he reduced almost all of Syria to rubble.

March 9 2014 - March 24 2015:
Now  you know why illuminati can stage fake crashes using governments of Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, Argentina, not to mention France, Spain, Germany alias EU but NOT in EGYPT:
As for Israel, it has the honour of the very last fake airplane crash, yet to come, although the Boeing 777 is missing since March 2014.
As expected it's a remake of the vey first fake plane crash, the best ever and forever:

Jul 3, 2012

How to recognize puppet government Israel test

How to recognize an illuminati puppet government: Reduced to the simplest form, an IF test:
If the government is part of the agenda "destruction of Israel" and "extermination of the jews".

Original text from Jul 2012, added text signaled by mention of a more recent date.
List of governments advancing the extermination of jews agenda
Since 1948 the illuminati replaced "exterminate all jews" by "expell all jews from Israel / Palestine", using three basic tactics.

1. Governments expelling all Jews from Israel.
Israel, controlled by the illuminati since the 1975 coup.
- 1992: illuminati agent prime minister Yitzhak Rabin proposes building the West Bank barrier.
The message: Israel government wants nothing to do with it, so Jews must get out, starting with Hebron, the second-holiest city in Judaism after Jerusalem. 
- 2005: impersonator of Ariel Sharon (murdered 1975) expells the Jews from Gaza
- 2014: Nethanyahu allows Hamas to bomb Telaviv for the first time.

2. Governments directly calling to "expell all jews from Palestine" alias from Israel.
a)- official illuminati puppets: Egypt's Morsi, paraded in Germany by Hitler's younger daughter Angela Merkel in 2012 shortly after having promised that "Jerusalem will be our capital".
Same as president of NATO member Turkey: Erdogan promised in 2015 to invade Jerusalem.

b)- illuminati puppets who were originally created to play "opposition": Lebanon/Hezbollah, Iran, Gaza/Hamas and since 2013, Raqqa/ISIS.
Hezbollah, now the real government in Lebanon, was created by the illuminati in 1985. One of the goals was to set the milestone of becoming the first De facto state to openly call to "expell all jews from Palestine".
Illuminati puppets added to the list: Iran, and the newly created mini-states of Gaza (Hamas) in 2005 in Israel and Raqqa (ISIS or Islamic State) 2013 in Syria.
- self-exposing the fake war "West vs Iran and Hezbollah" went as far as NATO troops leaving Iraq in 2011 only to be replaced by Iranian "revolutionary guards" and Hezbollah. The same ground troops also try to prevent the defeat of puppet Assad in Syria.
- Oct 2014: in both Syria and Iraq illuminati were forced to openly resort to "air strikes by US lead coalition" against the patriotic syrian and iraqi rebels, all under the cover of "fight against Islamic State". 
IS or ISIS are fake rebels, mostly sent by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, mercenaries in the illuminati payroll created to fight and discredit the real rebels.

3. Governments indirectly calling to "expell all jews from Palestine" alias from Israel.
These puppet governments officially support one or both other two types of puppets, directly expelling jews (Israel) and calling for jews to be expelled (Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Gaza).
The list includes almost all governments recognized by the UN.
Governments officially supporting both: USA.
Governments officially supporting only the second type: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Russia.
2014: self-exposing the fake war "Saudi Arabia vs Iran" went as far as to have the fake sunnis of Saudi government officially participating since 2014 in the "US lead coalition" carrying on the genocide of sunnis in Iraq and Syria.

Jun 24, 2012 Morsi alias the illuminati making their promises: "Jerusalem will be our capital"

Why do lluminati desperately try to exterminate the Jews?
Beacause it's the ONLY UNDENIABLE way to prove the Bible wrong

Israel: four fake wars reduced to two grotesque milestones
The uprising of freedom loving syrians against illuminati puppet Assad reduced three (Hezbollah, Syria and Iran) out of four into one grotesque milestone for fake wars.
Israel gov wages a fake war on Hamas while making sure that Hamas and Hezbollah continue to shell Israel.
This goes beyond grotesque after freedom loving syrians killed thousands of Hezbollah invaders.

To get Netanyahu alias illuminati agent John Sullivan: Learn about fake jews:
BIG BANG: Evil jews take over Federal Reserve Bank script: Janet Yellen is Martha Stewart, Ben Shalom Bernanke is Paul Krugman without toupee. Best joke: Stan Fischer was officially the governor of Bank of Israel.

ISIS are fake rebels used to fight and discredit the real rebels in Syria and there's none in Iraq.

Sep 14, 2010

Illuminati created other religions as tactical weapon - exposed first

Why illuminati created other religions
First of all:
Having only one religion would be more manageable only if people were not different to start with (genes, culture).
That's the first reason why the illuminati created different religions for different audiences.

The ultimate reason: religions created by the illuminati are only a tactical weapon, paving the way to achieve Global Slavery, ther ultimate goal.
In other words: illuminati didn't create religions to robotically control the world's population, only to achieve that goal.

Religions created by the illuminati
Christianity was the main obstacle to achieve the Illuminati's goal of Global Slavery. That's why 
- the first one (protestantism) directly targeted chrisitanity as an organization;
- the most important one, which for generations now children have been forced to learn in EVERY school (evolution theory), directly targeted the keystone of Christianity, the belief on the 10 basic facts about God. 
Heliocentrism, the first cult created by the illuminati packaged as science, would  become part of the Evolution religion more than two centuries later.

Protestantism, Mormons, Evolution, Jehovah witnesses, Scientology: orgs created by the illuminati 

What TRULY separates the illuminati religion from ALL previous satanic cults.
"Coincidentally" it also separates the illuminati from any cult or religion in History.

1985: why did Illuminati create the "religious party" Hezbollah scripted to rule the first De facto state calling for Jews to be expelled from the Holy Land?
Why do lluminati desperately try to exterminate the Jews?
Beacause it's the ONLY UNDENIABLE way to  prove the Bible wrong.

10 KEY facts about God, known ever since Day 1

May 14, 2009

Illuminati matrix: unchallenged from the start, 1789

Nov 27, 2016 - Revised version from 2009 article 

Introduction added 2016, before yet another "recount votes" act:
Obama's term extended or Hillary proclaimed winner before Trump inaugurated: ANSWER:
Hillary will be proclaimed the successor of GW Bush, the real 44th president but she will NEVER be normally inaugurated, to avoid having around 1,000 instead of nearly 1,000,000 (as for Obama 2009) show up in Washington DC to attend it.
In other words: Obama and Trump will be stripped of whatever titles they have.
That leaves only two possiblities, and it all depends on Aleppo:
1. Obama's term extended
2. Trump inaugurated.


Illuminati matrix: unchallenged from the start, 1789
It was established 600 years after the illuminati stepped on stage as "crusaders". 
Staged wars to advance global agendas: it's one of the KEY tactics that the emergence of the illuminati matrix made possible.

Illuminati matrix: the foundations
The illuminati or Ordo Illuminatus first stepped on stage as an identifiable organization in 1190: Ordo Teutonicus, admission requirements included proof of german nobility for at least four generations. 
Prussia was the first state that they took control of, using their #1 tactic: infiltration.
It didn't take long until it was the turn of England, even before it also became the first EMPIRE under their control: since 1534, except for five years (1553-58) at the start.

1789: foundations of the Illuminati matrix completed
The illuminati used the French Revolution to get control of France and the world has in fact lived in the illuminati matrix, served in its complete version almost everywhere ever since.

Most important consequence
The day that the illuminati established their matrix, shortly after the French Revolution 1789: 
it was also the day when most major works approved by the Illuminati Grand Master to be released became [ _ _ _ I _ _ _ ] rather than plots. 
From then on the Illuminati were able to stage wars to advance global agendas.

Illuminati matrix: unchallenged explicitly since it started
Neither those who defeated the illuminati in major battles nor those who played a KEY resister role were able to recognize AND expose KEY pieces of its simulated reality, let alone its totality.

Challenging the Illuminati matrix: relation to illuminati's share of the world
As the matrix was perfected it became increasingly difficult to challenge it.
The first reason is one of the foundations of the BIG LIE technique: the bigger the lie the more diificult it will be to admit that you were fooled.
The extent of the lie depends, to start with, on the illuminati's share of the world: it first peaked shortly after October 1917, when agent Lenin took control of the Russian empire.

The "real communists" anomaly
Illuminati lost control of Russia for a few years just before the millenium started but a few years later Putin was murdered and replaced with an impostor.
During this short Putin era the Illuminati didn't lose control anywhere else, so it can be discarded as major anomaly in the trend for the curve representing the evolution of the illuminati's share of the world.
There was only one major anomaly and it was also not the end of colonialism, around 1960, which was almost completely carried out according to the neo-colonial illuminati script.
What I mean is the Stalin era, that started 1925, when illuminati lost control of the very same Soviet Union that theyt had created a few years earlier.
During this period the illuminati's share was again considerably reduced, in the aftermath of World War II, from East Europe to China, Vietnam and Korea.
And yet the matrix remained unchallenged. After Stalin's death, 1953, the illuminati rapidly (from months in Russia to decades in Vietnam) regained what they had lost.
One of the reasons is "coincidentally" what also made possible for the illuminati to replicate 1959 in Cuba what they did October 1917 in Russia and 1789 in France.
[Side note: in Cuba the illuminati didn't need months to get control of the victorious revolution, they were in control from the start thanks to agent Fidel Castro.]
More: see CONTEXT (Role of Castro in murder of Che Guevara) and BASICS (Stalin's paradoxes).

BIG BANG modified, postponed: first time NOT because of Matrix requirements
The original script to launch the BIG BANG in 2009 is still ongoing, and it still has the same end: "Clinton proclaimed the real successor of GW Bush".
But the first part had to be modified because the script had to be postponed. 
The matrix was already completed in 2009 (Putin had already been murdered).
The reason why the launch of the BIG BANG was postponed is somewhere else: total lack of support (Clinton and McCain had in fact less than 5% of the votes).
Note about the launch script:
The first version: "senator Obama impeached; McCain beats Hillary Clinton although he lost the popular vote; McCain disarms US citizens; McCain impeached and stripped, Obama arrested".
It had to be changed first to: "Obama beats McCain; Obama starts disarming US citizens until impeached, stripped and arrested".

2011: Completed Matrix 2011 implicitly challenged by the Arab Spring
The Arab Spring starts with Obama casted as second choice in the role of disarming US citizens, hence at a slower pace than the first choice, the role of republican impostor (in 2011 only McCain had been casted in the role).
The implicit challenge was strong enough for it to become the main reason why the BIG BANG was postponed again and again.

Who could have explicitly shaken the illuminati matrix: two lists:
1. Those who played a KEY resister role. The list includes:
- all popes (from the start, 1789) until 1958, when the illuminati finally took control of the Vatican, which paradoxically was the ONE target that the Ordo Teutonicus had in its aim from the start.
- De Gaulle, who in 1940 was the only french general not casted in the Blitzkrieg script (alias Hitler takes two weeks to march in Paris).
Against all odds he escaped countless assassination attempts and became President of France from 1959 until yet another "french revolution", served in the illuminati joke format as "1969 Cultural Revolution".
2. Those who defeated the illuminati in major battles. The list includes:
- Tsar Alexander I of Russia, who after unknowingly having FULLY participated in the matrix ( first allied with Britain and after the Battle of Austerlitz switching to an alliance with Napoleon ) inflicted a major military defeat to the illuminati, putting an end to Napoleon's invasion of Russia, 1812.
- Tsar Nicholas I of Russia, who forced the illuminati expose the clothes ("defenders of Christianity") that all their puppet governments started to wear after 1815: the Crimean war that ended with an illuminati victory in 1856. 
- Stalin, who inflicted major political and military defeats to the illuminati, from preventing in 1925 agent Trotsky to succeed agent "Lenin" (a german illuminazi) to the battle of Stalingrad 1943.
Side note: the grotesque went as far as Stalin celebrating Lenin.

Why Che Guevara would not be able to challenge the matrix even if he had got it:
Che Guevara murdered: Castro's role: FULL STORY

Most important SCIENCE (TODAY BY FAR): what is it? Answer here
Don't be mislead by the first lines: it's NOT PSYCHOLOGY, although the most important weapons in the illuminati arsenal to now control more than 99% of the world's population are ALL PSYCHOLOGICAL.

Wars staged by the illuminati: Typology
After getting the article you'll know much more than just the reason why the fake "war on ISIS" in Syria is the OPPOSITE of the relabeled "war on ISIS" in Iraq.

Illuminati carry out mass human sacrifices of young blood under the cover of a fake war. 
Battle of Waterloo and bombings of Dresden 1945 additionally illustrate diversion from defeat:
Waterloo 1815 = bombing of Dresden 1945 = illuminati theater AFTER their DEFEAT 1812 and 1943.
Dresden 1945 also advanced "Destruction of churches", the main agenda in "Destruction of idols of false religions".

The ultimate example for the influence of only ONE man in the History of End Times.
Paradoxically that man is Stalin not any of the Illuminati Grand Masters, and that for not only one but two related reasons: two other of Stalin's Four End Times Paradoxes 

Current example illustrating several points, including:
- the completed matrix that syrians implicitly totally exposed
- some illuminati agents still dressed as "defenders of Christianity" while pretending to protect those who are currently being the victims of genocide.
Nov 21, 2016 - pope Frank in genocide scripts: abortion, refugees gassed in Europe's death camps