Feb 15, 2017

Canada call enter death camps twice voluntarily

 Last Prophet's words from Feb 12, 2017
Illuminati fulfilling the commandment of their religion to have human cattle voluntarily enter the gates of death camps ... twice.
Young Trudeau, elder Sanders: how "liberals" feed gas ovens with human cattle
"Trudeau" plays the same role supplying the US gas chambers as Mexico gov, where the same actor plays El Chapo and Economy minister.
Feb 12, 2017 - What is reported today would be unbelievable when it was FULLY exposed by Last Prophet, weeks earlier
Jan 2017 - Canada's Just-in "time" Trudeau's role in the End of USA script:
The unfolding TRUTH, timestamped, preserved in archive:
see reply to "Quebec mosque shooting", one of the fake blood psy-ops setting the stage for this north/south parallel script: "Justin Trudeau" joins Mexico's president in supplying the US death camps.
The script's core (Obama Bi-nla-den, the Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation)
It was exposed 2007, by the same Last Prophet who exposed the alternative penultimate chapter (Last Trumpe-nce-ts to crown Miss Universe) in 2009.
Same as the rest of the script, all fully explained in advance only by one.
But much more amazing: as each chapter unfolded, it was echoed only by the smallest organization in the Universe, the Web of Truth.
"Liberals" supplying gas ovens with human cattle, from elder Sanders to young Trudeau:
Sanders played the KEY role in having the audience swallow this: "Hitlery Clinton, despite hated by 98% of US citizens, proclaimed the real 44th president, successor of GW Bush. Mission includes terminating the USA".
The penultimate chapter includes "Trump launches the USA gas chambers: genocide of non-productive (homeless, disabled, elderly) legalized, extended to muslims, non-whites, homosexuals, drug addicts, dissidents (which includes any real christians)".
Reminder: Trump will fully self-detonate as suicide bomber, stripped of the president title, same as Obama, to let Hitler's oldest daughter finish the job.
Trump will explose in parallel with the impostor impersonating murdered Putin, after  another "Maidan revolution", this time in Moscow: 
"Navalny becomes president after Putin flees to Beijing where he confesses to have rigged the US election for Trump".
As for the actor playing "Justin Trudeau, second youngest canadian prime-minister ever, son of prime-minister with third longest period in office":
US Travel ban: why Justin Trudeau keeps the Canada back door open
why the "liberal prime-minister" calls refugees to come to Canada: the main agenda is not to stage "conservative Trump v liberal Trudeau".
It's rather to play in North America the same role as Turkey's Erdogan in Europe: to feed the ovens of the extermination camps (mostly in previously fenced Hungary), where 1+ million refugees and migrants were gassed since Oct 2015. 
But for human cattle it's too late to get real, alias to get Just-in time the Trudeau call: the Trum(p)man show is a stage that those targeted for extermination will not be able to leave in any case, whether or not the outcoming travel ban will also be sealed by executive order (as the incoming was).
Feb 12, 2017 - As reported for the "investigative" human cattle:
Trump cucks Trudeau - U.S. border agents will have power to search & detain Canadians in Canada
As reported by "serious" media:
Pre-clearance bill would give U.S. border agents in Canada new powers
Bill to expand border co-operation could also see permanent residents denied re-entry to Canada
Jun 2017 - Canada: Illuminati mock the ongoing gassing of gays and refugees who came from USA
- Justin Trudeau Wears Rainbow Eid-Al-Fitr Socks At Toronto's Gay Pride Parade (where "Black Lives Matter participated").
- Asylum seekers in Canada who fled Trump now trapped in legal limbo
One day later: Openly gay Serbia premier-designate to head pro-Russia gov't
Agendas include the same type of mockery with an additional explicit link to Russia, setting the milestone to restart gassing homos in Chechnya.

Jan 24, 2017 - El Chapo mock script, which apparently could NOT be pushed any further, finally  reaches its climax:
Mexico's minister of Economy Villareal arrived in New York for "NAFTA negotiations" just after Trump's inauguration while extradited El Chapo supposedly arrived at the same city just before the same act.
Feb 14, 2017 - Trump sanctions Venezuela vice president on drug trafficking
FULL STORY behind these headlines was exposed long ago and worldwide only by one.
El Chapo: Mexico, Venezuela: played by liberal economy minister while suggesting socialist drugs lord Maduro
Trum(p)man show: Anti-establishment billionaire changes policies: abortion, Syria and wall: for dummies
From false promises to psy-ops to suggest that it was previously different and real inversions that are already being fully implemented elsewhere in the IV Reich.
After reading the article below make sure you read "How Trump was named".

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