May 14, 2004

Only two who were not illuminati agents did participate in TV political discussions at prime time, ever since Ronald Reagan

Someone who is not totally brainwashed comments on one of heads of the Web of Disinformation set up by the Illuminati:
"because Alex Jones is indeed a leading, if not the #1 conspiracy theorist radio broadcaster. One starts to question how someone gets so popular and syndicated so quickly."
Had you understand what was explained long ago here,  you would not  be posing that question, since it is not  being a host of a politcs show in mass media that immediately exposes anyone as an illuminati agent.
It is much more simple: ANYONE who takes part on a TV political show, even when he is playing the role of being a ferocious oppositor,  is always one of their agents, in charge of selling the BIG LIE.

Exceptions: strong election candidates that were opposing the illuminati, and that resumes to two cases:
-  Pim Fortuyn in Holland, who was about to get more than one third of the votes as he was murdered by the illuminati May 2002, two days before the election;
- Oskar Lafontaine in Germany, who the illuminati failed in an attempt to murder and got not enough votes (8.6 pct)  to be put in the death list immediately.
As far as Jean Marie Le Pen in France, although he is not an illuminati agent. he played (because of his unability) enough into the illuminati agenda (i.e. becoming an asset for the illuminati in several issues) to be not considered by the illuminati as truly dangerous.

Note added October 2008: Austrian Jörg Haider, governor of Carinthia, who was just murdered by the illuminati after celebrating the elections where he rose from a regional to a national political leader, was the third and last.

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thesmartblog said...

Is Jay-Z a member of the illuminati? Other artists? Did the illuminati have Tupac killed because he tried to expose them? This theory is currently moving quickly in the African-American culture; however, I am remiss to believe. I could only see those guys being tools, but not actual members. In my opinion, they do not posses enough wealth or power. You seem to have done some serious research. I can remember when not so much on the Trilateral Commission was available, so maybe you know something I do not. Will you respond?